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Venus Low

Senior Executive Manager
Feoso EnergySingapore Nameste

I took my first ever Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance USA certified) with Teacher Prakash in 2015 at Pure Yoga Singapore. It was a life changing experience as it has totally changed my perception towards yoga. I was under the impression that Yoga is just a form of exercise, but after the teacher training course I have gained in depth understanding of Yoga with and most importantly I begin to breathe properly. He has been such inspiring light in my life and changed my yoga practice to better. There are so many great things to say about Teacher Prakash. Prakash has a very beautiful and unique dynamism blended with traditional and modern theories in yoga teachings. I believe that he has these outstanding qualities because he was born in Rishikish. His many years of teaching yoga in other countries make him aware and sensitive to different requirements of different students in his class. Immediately after my first yoga teacher training course I signed up for his Yoga Retreat in Bali with a g roup of 30 yogis from all over the world. The Yoga Retreat was another refreshing and wonderful experience.

I continue to follow his teachings and took another 50 Hours of Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training course at his Residential Yoga School in Rishikesh (India). After my Pranayama training I am now taking my meditation practice seriously and it has helped me a lot to deal with my emotional stress. I am able to meditate for hours without any discomfort and I would say that my anxiety and insomnia have totally disappeared.

Prakash, I thank you so much for your kindness, your superb teaching, and great sense of humor, compassion and generosity. And I will be your student for the rest of my life as learning never ends.

Nikki Muller

Model & Tv Host

I always look forward to a Private Yoga Session with Prakash.

I don't have the most flexible of bodies but Prakash always managed to encourage me to push my boundaries in a way that's safe and enjoyable! Yoga with Prakash is the best way to build strength in a calm and uplifting environment.

He is extremely patient and attentive and unlike some other teachers who simply guide you through poses, Prakash explains their origins and their benefits. He has a knack of knowing the individual's comfort level and how to progress from there. He is, afterall, from Rishikesh, the "world capital" of Yoga. A true professional and someone who lives this lifestyle in everything he does, the best thing about Prakash is that he is never intimidating but commits to everything with a smile! I always leave a session with a great feeling of accomplishment!

Minako Toshiro

Pure Yoga

I have successfully finished my 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Prakash at Pure Yoga in February 2016. Although, I have been practicing hatha yoga with Prakash since September 2010, but after my teacher training course I have practiced more and gained a lot of understanding about yoga. After my teacher training, I would say that I truly believe in Prakash.

His correctings of postures, methods to enhance breathing methods are excellent. I have never ever gone so deep in my Pranayama practice as before teacher training I used to think Pranayama as a boring practice. I just like the way he explains and teaches and shows how what works for what. He explains scientific and yet holistic benefits of each pracitce and his explanations for postures are very very clear. He is charismatic and yet he is a real person.

I'm so glad to have found my yogi master and am motivated to keep on learning. I have a long way to go and might not even get there but I'm excited to keep learning, get better each day and I enjoy practicing. Hopefully one day, I'm as good as a 100th of Prakash and doing kapalbhati for 1000 times instead of 1 hour shavasana.

Allyson Johnson

Associate at Standard Chartered Bank

I have taken classes from Prakash for the past 4 years, and he remains one of my favorite teachers to this day. I have mostly practiced Vinyasa with him, but his Hatha and Core classes are equally challenging and enjoyable.

One of my favorite things about classes with Prakash is that he assesses the level of the students in the class, and provides a great balance of warm-up poses, flow sequences and challenges (e.g. arm balances or inversions). He injects humor at the exact right times so that no one in the class takes anything too seriously!

Overall, Prakash does an excellent job of not only teaching the asana postures, but also creating a wonderful karma in the studio, allowing each student to practice at their own level while also working hard and having fun. I continue to look forward to each class with Prakash, and frequently attend class even when I'm tired or feeling lazy simply because he is teaching. I highly recommend him for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Chan Yoke Ying


I have attended Prakash's yoga classes for several years and have enjoyed them and learned a lot.

Through his guidance I have a better understanding of how the different poses benefit not just the body but mind. He has always maintained that the practice of yoga is not just about the Asanas. In class he would often explain how the poses we do help us physically as well as mentally. He is very willing to share his experiences and knowledge of yoga whenever we approach him.

Prakash is a good teacher and has a great sense of humor! I think he makes an excellent teacher especially for those who want to learn more about yoga beyond just a physical practice.

Christina Chen

Senior Client Manager
Inter-brand, Singapore

I have been practicing Intermediate Hatha Yoga with Prakash for 2+ years at Pure Yoga Singapore and it continues to be a wonderful experience. He has a deep understanding of yoga not only teaches poses, but he also teaches the meaning and reasoning of yoga

his is not often found in teachers. I often struggle with neck pain and tightness in the back - he knows when to adjust or have be do variations based on the condition of my body

day-to-day. Without a doubt the best and most experienced yoga practitioner I know

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