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Welcome to RISHIKESH YOGA SHIV. The word “yoga” is attached only to a complete path which leads to self-realization. A comprehensive system that offers the ancient science of yoga in a format that is compatible with modern life. Today technology is advanced yet competitive environment causes stress and gives rise to psychosomatic disorders. Living a mechanical and robotic life is causing devastating miseries and pain for humanity. Hence, there is a need to find the balance between materialistic desires and development of holistic wellbeing. Yoga is a proven tool for preventive health. Yoga has helped thousands find relief from chronic conditions such as hypertension, migraines as well as from emotional disturbances including depression, anger, depression and anxiety.

At Rishikesh Yoga Shiv, we are committed to impart the traditional and ancient knowledge of yoga Which enhanced memory, concentration, and decision making abilities. Our objective is to create a yoga community with healthy body and happy mind. We uphold the practice of all aspects of the classical teachings of a synthesis of yoga with a strong emphasis on practical experience. We are a centre of Yoga for spiritual growth and learning, with many thousands of yoga teachers trained worldwide.

Our Yoga Programs are designed for all. If you are a beginner level student or quite an advance and regular in your yoga practice, your quest for knowledge is fulfilled here. Our numerous yoga programs such as Yoga Teachers trainings, Yoga for beginners, Yoga workshops and Yoga Retreats are great source of knowledge and perfect ways to deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga.

Our Yoga school “Yoga Prakash” is accredited as a Registered Yoga School (RYS200 , RYT300 and RYT500) (Registry ID: 143362). All of our Yoga Training programs are guided and supervised by our internationally experienced yoga teaching faculty. Our course syllabus covers the History, Tradition and different paths of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Human and Yoga Anatomy, Teaching Methodology, teaching skills and business aspect of yoga along with focusing on spiritual property of yoga to deepen your own practice and total growth. Curriculum of our certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses meets and exceeds the international standards. Participants who complete our Yoga Teachers Training course will receive Yoga Teacher Certification from the RHYI, which qualify them to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).

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Yoga Shiv

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